Some things about me

I learned how to be a handyman while helping my parents with all the remodeling/repair work in my childhood home.   My Dad was constantly fixing, building and remodeling and then my Mom did all the finishing work and maintained the yard.    It was from them that I learned how to take care of the house and yard and to always keep busy and not slow down.   No one was ever bored or had nothing to do.   Even today my (almost) 80 year old mom still insists on mowing and doing her own yard work.  


I believe in working hard and doing things the right way, not cutting corners.    I also believe in arriving on time and working honestly and fairly.  A lot goes in to an estimate and I will work hard to stay as close to any estimates given.  In addition, if a job is beyond my skillset, I won't do the work.  I perfect my skills in my own home and not in yours.  I hope to earn your business, and more importantly, your trust, as a handyman.  


Thanks for reading.  I look forward to working with you.